why not smoke some weed?


Cannabis, now there is a word that everyone is having mixed views about. Well not me, I personally think it is something that has been provided by the God the Almighty, or The Big Bang (whatever floats your boat) to be consumed to help us. Everything that is green is good. Look at celery, cucumber, or carrot, there all fucking healthy and benefits us in some way; from hydration, to vitamins and they all grow from soil, well guess what so does cannabis!  

Why the government does not want you to smoke it

If all the countries would legalise weed, it would lead the pharmaceutical industry out of business. Just think about it how much money they make through your illness. From the start of becoming a doctor, they have to take so many loans out to qualify! This makes the government so much money, then the government exploits scientists to create drugs to use to “cure”. Then you get sick have to go to the doctors and have to pay for the treatment, have to buy the dam drug. They are making money off your pain!

Many mothers have protested for this plant, mothers from Australia, Ireland, America, the United Kingdom, I mean if any mother is standing up for this it must be good. Mothers tend to want the best for their kids. ( read more on:



http://www.thejournal.ie/simon-harris-cannabis-3061260-Nov2016/ )




How can you tax something that is natural? Can you imagine having to pay tax for growing a carrot? The government is stupid. I think so anyway. It’s just ridiculous that something that could cure so many diseases and mental health issue why would they just not legalise the plant!!


Why won’t they leaglise it?

All the scandals they made over the drug, they would look so dumb for legalising it. Society would realise that the government just does not know what to do, unless they are sheep and follow whatever they are told.

Moral panics on the whole weed concept. They have portrayed weed to be a drug that only hood rats smoke, that it’s a street drug. They made you think that weed makes you violent, anti-social, or it makes you schizophrenic.  Living in hackney I have witnessed people from all ages smoking the drug and being healthy, just experiencing the following symptoms:

  1. Hunger known as the “munchies”
  2. The “giggles” where you laugh to such an extent where your stomach is turning and your cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing
  3. The “red eye” where your eyes turn red and everything you see is from rose pink glasses (everything you see is beautiful and creative)
  4. Let me not forget the calming stage where you become so relaxed that you don’t care how much bills you got to pay, and how much shit is going through your mind
  5. Where you fall asleep like a baby.

I have seen old nannies smoke this plant, cook it, use it as an herb. Yeah sure, there are a lot of forms colours that have different “high” BUT when weed is grown purely in its natural form it could be fucking fantastic! If you think about weed makes you laugh, hungry and puts you to sleep. I never witnessed no one die from it, they just fell asleep! Alcohol, on the other hand, oh my! I have lost a couple of family members to that poison that is legal, ironic, right?


So why not smoke some weed?


To be tested on is not what animals are for.


According to Darwin, we basically came from monkeys or more broadly animals, then why use these potential humans to test on? Animals are kept in cages throughout their whole lives to be tested on. This is for you to have “safe” cosmetics. Poor fuzzy potential humans are poked at, stuffed with, and injected with cosmetics just for our use.

 Although in the UK and the EU law on testing cosmetics  on animals is;

The use of animals to test cosmetics products or their ingredients is banned in the UK and all other member states of the European Union. Since March 2013, it has also been illegal to sell cosmetics products within the EU which have been, or which contain ingredients, newly tested on animals.


 The world is big, very fucking big I’m not very good at geography even though I got  a for an A for geography in my GCSE’s… There are many animals, or potential humans being harmed in the name of beauty in other countries!

 The purpose for testing on animals is because producers use so much shit in these cosmetics. I think so anyways, if the stuff that they produced was completely natural we wouldn’t have problems associated with the skin. This all trickles down to one aim: consumer fucking culture!

 Cosmetic industries making millions, no, billions actually. These cosmetics are produced to make them money, they do not give a fuck about safety or quality. It is not something that they want to do, they have to according to the law. That’s just bullshit that they are feeding you to make them ridiculous amount of money. The cruelty and pain that these animals are going through its just a pay cheque for the producers and cosmetics for you to use.

 Why not go organic!???

Through adolescence we go through puberty, almost everyone gets spots, or acne that they are embarrassed about, females go through periods that may make them break out, or allergies, anything really can make anyone get spots, scars stuff that they do no like on their face. It’s only natural. Why the fuck would you want to hide it? Society forces certain beliefs upon you and me, to believe that all of us could look flawless as Beyoncé. That we can have smaller noses or be skinny, why???? Do we have to look a certain way to be considered pretty or “normal”?

 We pay crazy amount of money, spend ridiculous amounts of time, cry our eyes out because we don’t look like what everyone else looks likes. The ideal girl with a fat ass pretty face and big boobies, let me not forget the flat stomach. Men think that in order to be a real man  they have to have six packs being fit with no spots and perfect hair and beard. WELL THE TRUTH IS BRAD PITT IS A BRAND NOT A PERSON!

 No one should feel like shit because we don’t look like Beyoncé or Brad Pitt. Embrace who you are, love yourself. It’s been said so many times. People argue that it makes them feel good, they want to get healthy. To be honest the feeling of feeling good is something in your head that society brainwashed you with. If you kept a healthy diet, you wouldn’t be in a position of obesity or discomfort. I admit it I’m not fit, I have a belly. That is all due to me being spoiled. Having so many options to consume, having it for a certain price not hunting for it, not knowing what I ate for Gods sake. I feel ugly most of time, but with this battle that so many are fighting with I try love myself. For who I am, the qualities I have, the weird things like my big nose.

 This drives back to the topic of animal cruelty quite clearly. For your fight of self-love, an animal shouldn’t  die. This is because you feel ugly not the potential human. Why should a life die just because we feel ugly? Love yourself.


I have started  work recently, I’m broke. Many of us students who are either studying for exams, finishing those long essays,  working or like me doing all in one.

Whilst working for this HUGE restaurant as a kitchen assistant, I have come to realise what the fuck am I doing this for?!

Reaching this  stage of my life where I’m not with family on Christmas made me wonder… What they fuck am I doing with my life? This train of though made me crash into the whole question of Brexit. What is going to happen with this Brexit shit? It seems as though everyone kinda forgot about the whole thing due to the festive season. Well the truth is NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS, With millions of curious and frustrated  minds is this even ethical to leave people in such situations. At the end of the day this will effect everyone in the UK. OH… NOT the White, Middle Class, Men. OH NO!! According to the guardian most people who voted to leave the EU were this cohort.

(https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/dec/24/brexit-facts-awkward-christmas-dinner )

OK, fine, you may not believe me or your too lazy to go to the link, here is what the guardian wrote this:

There are already worrying signs of anxiety about Britain’s future trading arrangements that can be seen in the slumping value of sterling. EU negotiators are also threatening to extract a £50bn divorce settlement as the price of agreeing a post-membership deal which our ambassador has warned could take a decade.”

That is still just a snippet, it is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion, I seen people copy, but the way the UK copies America is on a whole different level! I mean come o, everything that America does is mirrored by Britain!


It is Christmas eve, I ate chicken wings, and potato similes from the amazing Iceland! I’m here on this festive day, talking about BREXIT ! GREAT!

The moral of this post is to be yourself, be unique an o not copy like the UK. DO NOT forget about these things, like Brexit , it is the media brainwashing you into Christmas.  where in the bible does it say anything about a tree and santa claus anyways.




Fake News.

Coming back from a crazy weekend, I was scrolling through the news and it brought a smile to my hangover-self whilst reading this ground-breaking story.

The story behind my happiness of this amazing story is that Germany has officially brought to the table that there is such a thing as FAKE NEWS! This story argues that the fake news needs to be prosecuted, there are too many cases where people especially Facebook is using fake news and is making millions. As this platform is social network, it SHOULD have a “social responsibility, prosecutable defamation must be deleted immediately, once reported. It needs to be made easier for users to report fake news”. Angela Merkel has consistently warned the US to respect laws against defamation however, I don’t think they did because Germany is still angry 😦

(The Guardian. 18.12.2016. German courts should tackle fake news now, says justice minister’. Available on: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/dec/18/german-courts-should-tackle-fake-news-now-says-minister )


Everyone knew that there is such a thing, especially after the whole scandal of Facebook using this concept of fake news to promote his election, unfuckinfortunatly.  People will believe the news because they are supposed to be trusted and not corrupted. Honestly, I totally agree with Germany! BUT I do not only believe that it is the social network who are guilty, it is the fuckin news too. Everyone is effected by the news, Katz, a sociologist argued that the media is a hypodermic syringe. The media inject us with beliefs, ideas and theories in other words, Ideologies and we must consume it, like it or not. It is everywhere and we are bound to be effected by it.


The media is constructed, built, created if you like by humans who have stuff to hide. the media is one instrument in society that we are effected by every day, we see something on Facebook and it makes us laugh or we read the news about poor Syria and it brings tears to our eyes, or anger in hearts. It impacts us, politicians use the media to hide. this is seen in some many cases! For example, exaggerating that the black male minorities should be feared in 2007 to cover up the credit crunch or prosecuting WikiLeaks or Anonymous from hacking when they do it themselves! The media is full of bullshit. I believe the hard-core facts, but not everything, for example when I see that adjectives, oh adjectives! Jesus Christ! DON’T BELIEVE IT! Unconsciously you take in these adjectives and these innocent yet deadly adjectives and this forms stereotypes, ideologies about things. Overall, most of the content in the media is fake.





Some good and bad news…

Firstly some bad news ….

130615-04.jpgAs I’m a pessimist  How much tax do you pay? Think about how much you paid already and how much you are paying now, it is ridiculous. If you are a student, like me, think about the tuition fees, the amount we are going to have to give back! Are you angry? YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE! YOU SHOULD BE! My point here being that although we pay for the community to be a better place, it is becoming worse. You don’t believe me? Look at the news and you will see yourself. Yesterday the London trains? Where millions of passengers got delayed trains up to 3 hours!! How many people got late? Did you get effected? Is that what we pay tax for? How is our money being spent? Still don’t see where I’m coming from, well look at the increase of miscarriages of justice due to racism! (FIND CASE TO SUPPORT!) There are kids hacking into the TalkTalk database! You are being watched right now! Here are some points to prove to you that you are being watched:

cover2.png• The Snowden files exposed that America and the UK have ‘DIRECT ACCESS TO THE TECH GIANTS’ (Hardening, 2014, p:11)  What this means is that our data that we provide Google, Facebook, or even WordPress  with; may be spied on by the government which may be viewed when ever they desire! How? well, the Snooping act which will be passed by the end of 2016 ill provide companies the privilege to view our data without a warrant!

• Carly Nyst, head of international advocacy at Privacy International has outlined how the governments across the globe are increasing their spying techniques:”There is spy technology that we see on James Bond movies that we know have been bought by Germany, the Netherlands, and elsewhere, and we know that it’s being used,” (The Atlantic, 2013). So, that stuff is real then 😛

• In 2010 when WikiLeaks revealed a video footage of soldiers killing innocent citizens; the 85government prosecuted WikiLeaks (The Guardian, 2010). they (the government) can watch us but we cant watch them, hmmm…

• The location of devices could be tracked through GPS and RFID chips within passports or as some companies as Epicenter in Sweden are injecting RFID chips as a ID device (BBC News, 2015).

Imagine being watched by Kayne West…

kkHe is actually thinking of running for president in 2020! Taking a picture with Trump, is not really a good idea for his popularity, I think so: do you? His falling apart and we are denying it, if anybody has been following Kayne, or is interested in media news he is literally breaking down on stage yet he calls himself ‘Yesus’. I know so many people that wish to have a quarter of what he has. Maybe its myself fault for idolising.


A positive thought ….


The Guardian have raised 350,000 for child refugees! People have contributed by donating which helps the children get shelter, a meal, and some safety.  Honesty I think that is fucking amazing. I will be definitely taking part as I think that these children NEED our support!. People who support children, either sick or to help provide aid, I praise you! People like that make a change, I try. Trying your best is one of the most important things anybody can do. If you try, especially your hardest, I KNOW you will not regret that you do. It is scientifically proven that once a person helps another it releases OxyContin which is a hormone that makes you happy!





Mothers who are sex workers… WTF ?!

First of all, I just want to emphasize that I kind of understand that times get hard, money gets low, and you feel like your whole world is crumbling a part. Mothers have it hard, especially single mothers, but in this country where woman have rights, claim benefits, and can get a job in an app, ON A FUCKING APP!!! I tried this app and it actually works, (job today and monster). I don’t understand how they could be selling themselves. Woman have so much opportunities to get a job, either its cleaning or being a secretary it’s a job. Children do not need luxuries like iPhones I never had a phone till I was 14 and I came out great. These mothers are giving children what they want instead of what they need, maybe that is why they have to sell themselves. On the BBC News where I found this article, it speaks about making these sex workers safe… WHAT???? They shouldn’t be on the streets anyways, they are mothers. They kiss their children with that mouth. If I offend anyone, I apologize. These are my opinions and I have the right to express them.


I don’t have children, so I don’t understand the feeling, but after so many awkward sex talks with my mother, who had me at 16, uneducated, with not a penny in her pocket, or a place to lay her head, and she had me a fat kid, and my daddy. I ask her why didn’t she use a condom or contraception, well she said she didn’t know how to use it, neither did my dad, and mostly that she was dumb. My point being that I understand very well from these awkward sex talks that females should use contraception. In this country where it is provided for free, sex education is given in secondary school, and there is sex clinics like everywhere, how are these females having children without thinking about it? Being safe? In the article the mother, who sells herself, the mother says that she is not safe. She then, compares her work to a firefighter, and argues that wage is accessed by risk. She almost asks for rights, and says she will pay tax, so she is safe. That is just fucking ridiculous, oh you may ask why… Well, the rates that they give are not fixed, they vary form £20 to god knows how much. There is no institution to manage them, make sure they are not drugs, or hiding money, or monitoring their work. Personally I think its just a ridiculous idea.


If a female is raped, and it goes against her beliefs to abort, she could put it in adoption. There are plenty of couples or single people who are incapable of having children so they would treat these babies like angels! In fact, when my nanny had my uncle, she put him inn adoption, as she was unable of giving him what he deserved, it was open adoption plan, thus, he kept in contact and my nanny got to see him grow up and he knew where his roots lay despite him flourishing somewhere else. People got options. No need to sell yourself.

Compared to less economically developed countries like Iraq who do not provide such opportunities and options for females, therefore, they are forced into sex work, our country provides too much opportunities and options for single mothers.


what the fuck?!

 What the FUCK is going on in this world?

thinkOpening the newspaper, or the app (I personally like having a hardcopy) always produces a mixture of emotions; from sadness, shock or in this case just plain anger and confusion. The world is just getting worse and worse. From all the murders, rapes, and wars I think the most devastating news within this century, that will be talked about in history books, and set as essay titles Brexit Despite the government squeezing every dime we have, they have stolen our hope. There is no utopia to look forward to anymore. Prior to these horrible acts, personally I think that society had some sort of hope. Me and my family for instance, would discuss the best outcomes for the next 5 years. Just yesterday, we sat down and though the hell is going on?

What’s happening?


Today’s news on Brexit that there is a lot of confusion to what is really going to happen with this whole Brexit thing this illuminates my understanding of what is REALLY going on. The Guardian released a very interesting article today on people and even MP’s not being clear on the strategies that Brexit will take. How we are going to cope without the EU. I think this quote just sums it perfectly:

Sandro Gozi: ‘“We really don’t understand what the real strategy is. It is very unclear what kind of Brexit they want. It seems there are disagreements and divisions in the cabinet. There are many uncertainties.” (The Guardian, 2016)



Britain does not want to deal with all the other responsibilities of making the new rights or preparing the people for unemployment. What they do want is to form a society where they get everything and we get nothing, that is the way I see it. Without the European union, or immigrants Britain wouldn’t be worth a penny. We built this country yet we are letting them scatter it to tiny parts.  We must stop the glass reaching the floor or our home will get destroyed, because we let it happen.   We see mayor Sadiq Khan doing this as he reveals that Britain still may be recruiting people from the EU because London needs them! In the BBC News, it was argued that London will carry on recruiting people from the EU as the city needs it to keep its capital. This is reflected in the statistics too according to the BBC News:

616,000 people born elsewhere in Europe currently work in London, equivalent to 12.5% of the capital’s workforce. (BBC News 2016)


My view


The big cats as my A-Level teacher called the bourgeoisie want everything we owe, which is from the hard work we do, and that they pay us, yet they want to steal that from us in a legal way. They want us to dig our own grave and get into it. What I’m trying to say is that the government, the big cats, or the assholes whatever you want to call them, are making us agree with them or we have no other choice, or the choice we have will leave us dead on the streets. My honest views on this is that Britain just wants to use what we built to their advantage. Is America but in a legal way, the methods used by Britain do not involve killing, cursing or using social media, its worse, they lie. Britain is 1000000% worse than America when it comes to politics. Think about it. America is kind of opened about their wrong doings. I just found out recently, maybe I’m not as well rounded with information, but I did not know about GHCQ! For those of you, like me, GHCQ is a British version of the FBI and the CIA put together. CRAZY, RIGHT? I KNOW! Britain is the most surveilled country in the world, with CCTV on every street and cameras everywhere even in toilets! When we look at America we see violence, and corruption well, Britain will become twice of America is already with all the violence and corruption. Brexit is the first step…