About me and my blog :)

Being raised in the city of London with a foreign upbringing has built my perspective on the reality of society. Throughout my teenage years I have been amazed of how the media has brainwashed us, providing only snippets of what is really going on in the world.

By living off crumbs, we are starved into wanting more information from the media they don’t provide. These money making machines are being controlled by what we call our government. This so-called government has been feeding us lies and have been repeating history by shoving propaganda down our throats. Its like 1914 all over again.


This blog will be portraying my opinions on the latest news across the world. Most of my opinions may be controversial. Your opinions are important to me, express them to me, I encourage you to debate with me if your opinions clash with mine. I hope you enjoy this blog 🙂

If any spelling or grammatical mistakes are spotted let me know, I have a learning disability so that would help ALOT! There is nothing quite fascinating or special about me. A regular person just like you, living this socially constructed life.