Religion and mental health

Religion plays a significant role in people lives and minds. With mental health institutions making remarkable studies and methods of supporting people with mental health sometimes an individual’s belief can play a crucial role; negative or positive.

Positive ways religion could help mental health:

  • When a group of people unite, and come together this could have an impact on the psyche. With everyone that is important to an individual together and allow the person to have a feeling of purpose and belonging.
  • Depression is big word that has big consequences. With times like Easter, when many people have days off to spend time with family, religious or not.
  • Allows people to express themselves to their family or religious group
  • Brings people together
  • Eases stress about life overall
  • Gives opportunity to escape reality with religion
  • Allows a form of meditation

Negative ways religion could impact mental health:

  • Sometimes this is not the case unfortunately, people with mental health issues do not have the opportunity to do so due to religion.
  • Many religious parents, or family members sometimes leave the issues to god, and point the ill in that direction. However, it is crucial that people should appreciate that sometimes just a little bit of talk and time things could change.
  • Some religious people, even from my family do not believe in the whole idea and concept of mental illness, or learning difficulties.  This could cause more pressure on the individual
  • There is a stigma around mental health and religion yet it is important for people to realise that one should be supportive at all costs, even if it means to putting personal beliefs aside.
  • May become addicted to religion and not get in contact with wider society
  • May cause more pressure on the person due to stigmas around religion being outdated for instance.

4 thoughts on “Religion and mental health

  1. Well one way a religious person gets rid of anxiety is by putting everything on a higher power. Those people who believe in fate have less panic attacks and other mental disorders. “If it’s God’s will, who am I to question it?” ” It’s God’s plan, it must be beneficial for me in some way I m not quite able to understand yet due to lack of knowledge compared with God’s wisdom.”. People feel better that there is someone bigger than all of them looking after them. Hence, as I have seen, religious people are less prone to mental illnesses.


    1. It is true, I have witnessed how an atheist vanished their bipolar and anxiety with religion. On the other hand it is imperative to consider and understand that some people with mental illness have a difficult time to turn to family or their religious community due to stigma.

      Thank you for your comment, really interesting 😊

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