Body image and mental health

It is not fair how much people experience discrimination because of their weight. People do not wake up thinking deciding to be fat. It is not a decision that people make in a day. It is something that people do, like eat cake for example because of circumstance that happen in their life. It may be a death in the family, or something simple like exams, or stress.

People who blame people for their weight is ridiculous, people go through horrible experiences that result to over eating. People with depression or anxiety may not be comfortable with going outside, myself as an example, I have not been diagnosed with any mental health issues but I don’t feel comfortable with going gym, or I feel really low and feel really bad when people comment on my weight. I am currently a size 12, which is not obese but I am gaining weight and it is because of my circumstance with my partner, at home and at university.

Anyone who suffers any self-esteem due to weight is an experience that effects their life in general as they feel as they do not comfortable going to the gym, or it may be difficult financially to eat healthy as frozen food is cheaper and eating fresh food is costly!

Mental health could get effected drastically due to weight. Not only obesity can cause mental health issues, it is a range of weight related disorders such as bulimia can cause people to take their life away, or not feel comfortable in their own ski due to all the people on the internet or the television which portrays women, men and children are being portrayed to be fit, healthy and happy but that is not true in real life. In reality weight disorders is common, and there should not be any prejudice towards this!


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