The foldable phone we all have been waiting for !

Phones are getting big, and bigger, to solve this issue they are going to develop a phone that will fold! Foldable devices are the next step in smartphone evolution. It’s still unclear who’s going to dominate the market, but LG, Lenovo, and Samsung are at the forefront. Samsung has been trialling this new invention that could change a lot of stuff. Samsung plans to make fully functional smartphones with flexible displays that allow to fold the phone shut and tuck it in your pocket. Even phones that open up to reveal a full-sized tablet screen within, or touchscreen devices that roll out of a tube.

What you might not realise is that Samsung has been quietly preparing us for this future for the past several years. They have been preparing for this since 2011!  Samsung released a concept video that showed a flexible AMOLED phone that’s little more than a technological piece of translucent paper: much more advanced than what’s actually coming anytime soon, but a truly inspired creative spark all the same.

Samsung has been waiting for the tech to match its ambitions, and that time appears soon: in early 2015, a Samsung Display representative said that “the commercialisation of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016.” However, it sounds like 2017 is more likely at this point.

So get prepared to fold your phone into your pocket!







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