You can eat water and save animals homes too !

A group of very smart and life and environmental geniuses -engineers from Skipping Rocks Lab have developed a wonderful thing called The Ooho!. It’s a globe filled water that you can pop in your mouth whole. It is amazing for the environment and us! We know that we need to be drinking plenty of water. It’s important. But the plastic bottles they’re sold in are terrible for the environment. That it is why this bundle of joy is idealistic for us and the environment.

animlas oo

The outer shell is made of algae, so it’s edible and biodegradable. Edible water bottles are now a thing, thanks science this means that there’s no need for packaging or plastic. Exciting, right? Plus, they’re wobbly and they look cool, which is always a bonus.

This could be changing in so many ways. Environmentally, this could reduce the number of plastic bottles used. Birds nor fish will not have to deal with all the bottles in their water and in their habitat. It is crucial to consider that these animals have to deal with all the environmental consequences of these plastic bottles.

Think about it, these animals have to deal with all the bottles that runners throw, or the rubbish that gets thrown into their homes, and habitats. It is not fair!

These bottles will be changing for us too, in exams students can just drink, no sorry eat the water! It will be changing for runners, or disabled people who cannot hold a bottle or do not have the time.

If interested click here:



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