As wonderful, helpful and life-saving as google already is they have made the search engine even more better with the new fast check feature!

For me personally google is one of the best search engines, it helps me with everything, from finding me a nice place to eat, directions to where I am going or giving me definitions to long words, which is very often! Google has provided me an education. Yeah sure, I go university and there are very amazing teachers there, sometimes google does it better. I mean the amount of time I devote on google is actually ridiculous, for example, yesterday I was researching Rastafarians because I was just curious. Guess who found the information for me, put it a neat list, and even read it to me… GOOGLE!

BBC News says that:

                                “The search giant will now highlight “authoritative sources” in search results, with a summary of claims that have been fact-checked. Google says sites will be judged authoritative by an algorithm and the company will not be fact-checking news stories itself.” (if you are interested just click on the link! )

Google announced the fact check feature on its News search site in October, and now finally has added it to its regular search results; for me and you to make the most of. Thank God!


This will allow everyone to get more valid results and data when researching, or searching anything that is important. As the tabloids and social media often misrepresent politicians for example, or provide false information this can be very frustrating, (yet interesting) for anybody who is trying to do an assignment, or simply researching. This will certainly allow everyone to get more out of google.



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