why not smoke some weed?


Cannabis, now there is a word that everyone is having mixed views about. Well not me, I personally think it is something that has been provided by the God the Almighty, or The Big Bang (whatever floats your boat) to be consumed to help us. Everything that is green is good. Look at celery, cucumber, or carrot, there all fucking healthy and benefits us in some way; from hydration, to vitamins and they all grow from soil, well guess what so does cannabis!  

Why the government does not want you to smoke it

If all the countries would legalise weed, it would lead the pharmaceutical industry out of business. Just think about it how much money they make through your illness. From the start of becoming a doctor, they have to take so many loans out to qualify! This makes the government so much money, then the government exploits scientists to create drugs to use to “cure”. Then you get sick have to go to the doctors and have to pay for the treatment, have to buy the dam drug. They are making money off your pain!

Many mothers have protested for this plant, mothers from Australia, Ireland, America, the United Kingdom, I mean if any mother is standing up for this it must be good. Mothers tend to want the best for their kids. ( read more on:



http://www.thejournal.ie/simon-harris-cannabis-3061260-Nov2016/ )




How can you tax something that is natural? Can you imagine having to pay tax for growing a carrot? The government is stupid. I think so anyway. It’s just ridiculous that something that could cure so many diseases and mental health issue why would they just not legalise the plant!!


Why won’t they leaglise it?

All the scandals they made over the drug, they would look so dumb for legalising it. Society would realise that the government just does not know what to do, unless they are sheep and follow whatever they are told.

Moral panics on the whole weed concept. They have portrayed weed to be a drug that only hood rats smoke, that it’s a street drug. They made you think that weed makes you violent, anti-social, or it makes you schizophrenic.  Living in hackney I have witnessed people from all ages smoking the drug and being healthy, just experiencing the following symptoms:

  1. Hunger known as the “munchies”
  2. The “giggles” where you laugh to such an extent where your stomach is turning and your cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing
  3. The “red eye” where your eyes turn red and everything you see is from rose pink glasses (everything you see is beautiful and creative)
  4. Let me not forget the calming stage where you become so relaxed that you don’t care how much bills you got to pay, and how much shit is going through your mind
  5. Where you fall asleep like a baby.

I have seen old nannies smoke this plant, cook it, use it as an herb. Yeah sure, there are a lot of forms colours that have different “high” BUT when weed is grown purely in its natural form it could be fucking fantastic! If you think about weed makes you laugh, hungry and puts you to sleep. I never witnessed no one die from it, they just fell asleep! Alcohol, on the other hand, oh my! I have lost a couple of family members to that poison that is legal, ironic, right?


So why not smoke some weed?


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