Animal Prison

People go to the zoo the same reason why they go to the café, to torture animals. A place where there is consistent eyes looking at you, your trapped, in place where you cant go out. In an area where no one can hear your cry for help, or feel the sorrow in your soul.

These animals are taken away from their natural habitat. Some may argue that the treatment of these animals in the zoo is better than their natural habitat, THINK AGAIN! What about their freedom to run, sleep, and just have some privacy!

Staying in a cage where there is an illusion of freedom is so scary! Placing these animals in these cages is worse then prison. What did they do wrong? What are they being punished for? For the special creatures that they, these LIVING creatures have feeling and emotions, they are not just something to look at!

Although some may argue that zoos have educational merit, is  just ridiculous! Seeing these animals in their natural habitat is what is fuckin educational! Looking at a tiger hunting, running and understanding why and how they live in their environment is educational and interesting!

Understanding that a penguin needs the cold, and taking into consideration that they must have family. They thrive on it! Animals move in packs, they relay on each other. The same way humans need other humans to socialize, learn and flourish!

If you want to read more about animal prisons, or as society calls it “zoos” here are some links:        (< this is verrrry interesting!)


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