real life sex dolls… disaster or genius?


For anybody who thinks I’m crazy, I promise I am not making this up. Here are some pictures and key facts about the sex doll…


What are they?


·         They are a type of sex toy which is in the shape of and size as a human


·         various materials are used to construct these dolls which is dependent on the company some use silicone or platinum cure silicone or elastic gel


·         These dolls aid masturbation or provide sexual pleasure or comfort for people


·         Sceintits have found a way to use fleshy bio bots made from living cells which can wriggle and walk.


How do they look like?






How much and where you may wonder…


·         Depends what company some vary form £100 – £12,000


·         Google it and you’ll find sooooo much companies that are offering this


·         It ranges from chine, America and Barcelona




The sex doll is practically real without the sense of feeling. This will be a dream come true for some men or women with sexual drives that are socially deviant or simply criminal. With the emergence of this sex doll paedophiles can pay and get their ideal child, rapists can act out their fantasies without harming anyone, people who have sexual fetishes can get this doll and act out their fantasies without creeping anyone out.  Is this right?


Sex crimes can be totally wiped out with this revolution. Criminals or deviant members of society will be able to express themselves on this doll who yet does not have any emotions. This could potentially eliminate the idea and act of sex crimes or deviations.


With the help of this doll people with disturbed or just unique minds can be happier. As they can act put their fantasies they are going to be sexually satisfied. It can reduce the number of victims of sexual abuse. This revolution can be a thing of the future. In Barcelona, they have made a brothel which has these sex dolls. It works just like the ‘normal’ brothel.


Speaking of the future, what if these sex dolls can be utilised for therapy. People who suffer these issues can get therapy with these dolls. With the help of a therapist these dollies can be used to monitor and support the therapy cycle of these people who are suffering. Although many people push these groups to the margins of society, or do not want to admit that these people do exist. It is crucial that we are aware of these deviant and in most cases sexual subcultures exist. In order to solve this issue these sex dolls can be used to explore ways to help or support their therapy and reformation of the self.


The loneliness of females can something of the past. Statistics show that only a small number of females actually experience orgasms, some females do not wish for the extra responsibility of taking care of their spouse, or just be in a relationship as they may not have enough time or patience. These sex dolls can be constructed in a way which suits all the needs of a persons. As stated earlier the doll can be created to intense detail, from hair colour, to penis or breast size, let me not mention that the skin colour and the height can be chosen too. With the construction of this doll masturbation can be something that is outdated and boring.  Men are lonely too, there have been many studies done to show how there is a crisis of masculinity because of the independence and the amount of success of females taking over the world! Men are experiencing fear and loneliness which can be satisfied with this sex doll.


People with mental issues which forces them to be shy or experience physical inabilities such as not being able to speak or have sex even can use this doll to practice! This doll can be used for these people to allow them a chance to practice, to realise that it may be a possibility to go on a date or have sexual intercourse.




People will not gain the confidence they need to go out there and have real relationships. It may build their physical ability of having sex or improve certain aspects but it just not the same. Humans are humans, I think so anyways, because we have feelings, emotions and we can communicate between each other. Everyone needs some sort of human interaction at the end of the day. Sexologist Lev Shcheglov argues that these creations, sex robot’s can have a serious danger to humans as it will be harder to for these humans who interact with robots to go on and find intimate relationships.


It can cause real serious psychopathic disorders and isolation as a person who uses these dolls will find it harder to engage within human interaction.  Is this going to encourage sex crime? At the ends of the day paedophiles, rapists or any other sick cunt can ACT out their fantasies but it’s not the same, now is it? It a doll, not a human.


It does not allow people to get therapy instead it makes it worse. They can go fucking crazy. It’s like giving a child a toy that acts like a dog, then when they get an actual dog they realise that it is much more responsibility, they can realise that the perfection of the toy dog is not mirrored onto the real-life dog.


I honestly understand some of the benefits of this sex doll but I can’t agree with this. It’s just some bullshit. Let me set the scene out, there’s a virgin and they lose it to this doll… they do not get the whole experience of the awkward first kiss, the smiles and the giggles, the weird undressing moment the discussion with friends about the experience. Oh my ! Imagine it’s a child! This child then grows to believes that every sex experience is like this one.


What do you think… bullshit or genius idea?









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