Walking down to Primark I saw a five tents, children, women and men. Thinking that we are in a society where a man with millions can walk past this unfortunate event and not do nothing. We’re in a society where people don’t give a fuck about people, it seems ridiculous that this is the society that I will potentially be raising my children. Capitalism has forced people out their homes for another person to have the life of luxury. Why is this? Many argue that an individual gets what your work for, I’ll tell you what I think… BULLSHIT!

 Most homeless people are without the privilege of a roof over their head due to some sort of mental health issue. A drunk woman which I see almost everyday on my way to university, I found out that she is in the state she is because she lost her family, and promised her daughter to stay alive. Her children were taken away because as a single mother she did not provide them with suitable living standards. Ok, I see where people can be getting angry because some may argue that she could have had an abortion, or give the children to foster care. BUT the twist to this story is that she got abused by her boyfriend. Emotionally and physically. She did go to the police, guess what, they didn’t care, not a single action because of insufficient evidence. She could have had depression, anxiety paranoia or several different or multiple mental health issues. She’s homeless because of a mental illness. Despite many arguments that could be given that she was irresponsible or did not do enough to help her situation with her children or getting abused but she had a mental illness that forced her into homelessness.

 She gave up. As she told me. She does not beg. She does not ask for sympathy. She is a human like me and you that has given up.

Although there many places to go for help some people just will feel ashamed in going. The stigma around mental health is getting worse. Yeah, I must believe that there are campaigns to raise awareness but are they really working? Look around next time. Spikes on floors, benches as poles, parks closed, gates everywhere. This is all for homeless people not to have anywhere to lay their head, only a hard-cold floor that you step on.

  People have to admit to it sooner or later that we are in a society where mental health is forcing people into homelessness. Living in a society where not having nothing to eat, or living in a mental state where you don’t have control is a norm; is really scary!

 There are many opportunities to lead people into the right direction. Job enter for example provides workshops to help build confidence experience, and income if someone is not successful. There are schools to help build education for free, there are universities like the open university not allow people to get up and do something with their life, even if they have no experience, are old, Ill or didn’t get the opportunity to fulfil their dream. Many would turn around and be like its their fault their homeless. I used to think like that. Me and my family were homeless, I came from a background where money was always low and I was the first to go university. My nanny has depression and anxiety she dealt with homelessness too.

 Don’t judge anyone as everyone has their own battle.


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