To be tested on is not what animals are for.


According to Darwin, we basically came from monkeys or more broadly animals, then why use these potential humans to test on? Animals are kept in cages throughout their whole lives to be tested on. This is for you to have “safe” cosmetics. Poor fuzzy potential humans are poked at, stuffed with, and injected with cosmetics just for our use.

 Although in the UK and the EU law on testing cosmetics  on animals is;

The use of animals to test cosmetics products or their ingredients is banned in the UK and all other member states of the European Union. Since March 2013, it has also been illegal to sell cosmetics products within the EU which have been, or which contain ingredients, newly tested on animals.

 The world is big, very fucking big I’m not very good at geography even though I got  a for an A for geography in my GCSE’s… There are many animals, or potential humans being harmed in the name of beauty in other countries!

 The purpose for testing on animals is because producers use so much shit in these cosmetics. I think so anyways, if the stuff that they produced was completely natural we wouldn’t have problems associated with the skin. This all trickles down to one aim: consumer fucking culture!

 Cosmetic industries making millions, no, billions actually. These cosmetics are produced to make them money, they do not give a fuck about safety or quality. It is not something that they want to do, they have to according to the law. That’s just bullshit that they are feeding you to make them ridiculous amount of money. The cruelty and pain that these animals are going through its just a pay cheque for the producers and cosmetics for you to use.

 Why not go organic!???

Through adolescence we go through puberty, almost everyone gets spots, or acne that they are embarrassed about, females go through periods that may make them break out, or allergies, anything really can make anyone get spots, scars stuff that they do no like on their face. It’s only natural. Why the fuck would you want to hide it? Society forces certain beliefs upon you and me, to believe that all of us could look flawless as Beyoncé. That we can have smaller noses or be skinny, why???? Do we have to look a certain way to be considered pretty or “normal”?

 We pay crazy amount of money, spend ridiculous amounts of time, cry our eyes out because we don’t look like what everyone else looks likes. The ideal girl with a fat ass pretty face and big boobies, let me not forget the flat stomach. Men think that in order to be a real man  they have to have six packs being fit with no spots and perfect hair and beard. WELL THE TRUTH IS BRAD PITT IS A BRAND NOT A PERSON!

 No one should feel like shit because we don’t look like Beyoncé or Brad Pitt. Embrace who you are, love yourself. It’s been said so many times. People argue that it makes them feel good, they want to get healthy. To be honest the feeling of feeling good is something in your head that society brainwashed you with. If you kept a healthy diet, you wouldn’t be in a position of obesity or discomfort. I admit it I’m not fit, I have a belly. That is all due to me being spoiled. Having so many options to consume, having it for a certain price not hunting for it, not knowing what I ate for Gods sake. I feel ugly most of time, but with this battle that so many are fighting with I try love myself. For who I am, the qualities I have, the weird things like my big nose.

 This drives back to the topic of animal cruelty quite clearly. For your fight of self-love, an animal shouldn’t  die. This is because you feel ugly not the potential human. Why should a life die just because we feel ugly? Love yourself.


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