Would you trust a robot ?

Imagine being in a doctor-less hospital. No footsteps. No human contact. All you can see hear and feel are scraps of metal. Robots, some call them. 

There has been an ongoing debate within the media, companies and people, like me and you weather it is a good idea to replace doctors with robots. it sounds pretty good. I would not mind, honestly, I think i will enjoy the strange feeling. That’s  just me. People who are heavily sick should not depend on robots to cure or treat them… I do not think so. These people like my nanny need attention, care, a rapport with their doctor in order to trust and be safe in their metallic hands. As far as I know, robots cannot feel, or have a conscience. Sure they  can be programmed to say sorry but do they mean it? Is a sorry enough for a big mistake like grabbing someones eyeball out? 

To be honest, I’ am just thinking out loud. I may have a bad feeling about these robots taking over the whole pharmaceutical industry. In practice it may be pretty good.

My friend for example thinks it is an absolutely amazing idea. She does not trust doctors because all they use is the internet, tell you to exercise or force you to eat an apple a day to keep you away. She argues that these robotic doctors could save millions, in Africa where the work load is toooo high to cure. Doctors, human doctors are tooo expensive, they need food water shelter, but a robot does not. They just need to charge, as she is a smarty pants she argues that these robots could run on solar panels which makes their work practically free!

My mother, on the other hand,  does not trust them a bit!  The explanation that she gives is similar to mine with a twist, she believes that it could make people ambition-less. People fight hard to become doctors, if they are good or not, they still have to study, train, and spend a lot of money for degrees. She believe with her whole heart that if we carry on going the way we are, technology will ruin us. 

What is more terrifying is that it is slowly already happening …. poppy

Meet the future face of healthcare assistance – a friendly faced robot named Pepper.

Its diction is still a little odd, and his movements sometimes a bit hesitant, but the robot is all geared up to help patients at two Belgian hospitals.

The humanoid assistant, who has a screen on his chest and a round head, is the first robot in the world to be used to greet people in a medical setting, its software creators said.

Some facts


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