Meat is being produced out of the animal’s body. Well the cells within animals are taken and grown in the lab within a little glass jar. The first cultured beef burger patty, created by Dr. Mark Post at Maastricht University, was eaten at a demonstration for the press in London in August 2013.



Genetic engineering, such as insertion, deletion, silencing, activation, or mutation of a gene, are not required to produce in-vitro meat. In-vitro meat is composed of a tissue or collection of tissues, which makes it A FUCKING GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Since in-vitro meats are simply cells grown in a controlled, artificial environment, IS THIS THE SAME AS GENITICALLY MODIFIED VEGETABLES?! Will in vitro meat have the same reactions? Will it be cheaper than the real thing? Will people buy it because it is something that everyone is eating???


More research is being done on in-vitro meat, and although the production of in-vitro meat does not require techniques of genetic engineering, there is discussion among researchers about utilizing such techniques to improve the quality and sustainability of in-vitro meat. in-vitro meat will be INJECTED WITH nutrients such as beneficial fatty acids is one improvement that can be facilitated through genetic modification!!


                IS THIS ETHICAL OR, EVEN RIGHT??


Julian Savulescu said “Artificial meat stops cruelty to animals, is better for the environment, could be safer and more efficient, and even healthier. We have a moral obligation to support this kind of research. It gets the ethical two thumbs up.” I DON’T THINK SO! If it’s not real, why eat it? In my eyes this is like eating plastic or paper. I do understand the benefits but to dumb it down, it is not real meat.




in-viitttJews disagree whether cultured meat is kosher (food that may be consumed, according to Jewish dietary laws).


 Some Muslim scholars have stated that cultured meat would be allowed by Islamic law if the original cells and growth medium were halal.


THESE ARE RELIGONES, I RESPECT THEM BUUUTTT!! How can food be halal or kosher if it is not killed… make no sense in my head to be honest.


Be careful what you eat. You are what you eat, in this case plastic.



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