I was stolen from my mother, enormous hands around me, all I could hear is my brothers and sisters crying, screaming in horror. I called my mother, then BAM I fell on the floor. I was still alive unfortunately. I ended up in a big black bag with other chicks like me. We died. That was my only experience of life.images

Animals that we consume do not see daylight, nor do they experience the pleasure of running, or living in suitable conditions. Some people may argue that animals which are produced organically or free range have a life! Bullshit! What’s the point of having a perfect life when these poor creatures are tortured to death? Despite there being free range, or organic, the animals are still tortured.

Muslims who believe that meat is killed the Halal way are consuming meat which was not prayed over but their throats are slit yet not prayed over! As the murders do not pray over the meat is stealing the whole aspect of the meat being pure. According to the Quran halal meat must be prepared in the following circumstances and methods:

  • The name of Allah must be mentioned at or around the time of sacrifice.
    2) The person sacrificing it must be a believer, or from the People of the Book.
    3) The animal to be eaten must not be one that died by itself, or be strangled to death, beaten to death or has fallen to its death.
    4) The animal must not be killed by goring attacks i.e. by horns, arrows or stabbed to death, or has been eaten by other animals.
    5) Meat assigned through gambling.
    6) The animal must not have been dedicated to any other than Allah.
    7) Consumption of blood is prohibited, therefore must be drained.
    8) Pigs are forbidden for consumption.
    9) In addition, all methods or procedures that make the process of death easier and painless should be utilised as Allah is Most-merciful and loving. If stunning before sacrificing is available, it should be used as the verse which prohibits meat of animals killed through violent means (strangling, beating, goring – 5:3) indicates Allah’s mercy towards creation and how we should carry on the understanding and utilise methods that ease animal suffering.

(REFRENCE: http://www.quranicpath.com/finerpoints/halal_meat.html )

According to the Torah this is the methods which have to be carried out when slaughtering the animal for consumption.

Shehiyah (שהייה; delay or pausing) – A pause or hesitation during the incision of even a moment makes the animal’s flesh unkosher. The knife must move in an uninterrupted sweep. Shehiyah occurs if the shochet accidentally stops the slaughtering process after either the trachea or esophagus has been cut, but before they have been cut the majority of the way through. Pausing can happen accidentally if muscle contractions in the animal’s neck pull one of these organs out of contact with the blade. The latter case is especially common in turkeys.

  • Derasah (דרסה; pressing/chopping) – The knife must be drawn across the throat by forward/backward movements, not by hacking or pressing. Any undue pressure renders the animal unkosher. Derasah is the forbidden action that occurs when the shochet pushes the knife into the animal’s throat without moving it back and forth, chops rather than slices, or positions the animal improperly so that either its head presses down on the blade as it expires or the shochet must push the knife into the throat against the force of gravity. There are those who opine that it is forbidden to have the animal in an upright position during shechita due to the prohibition of derasah (pressing). They maintain that the animal must be on its back, lying on its side, suspended upside down by a rope or chain, or placed in a barrel-like pen that turns the animal on its back for slaughter. However the Orthodox Union accepts upright slaughter as long as the head is properly supported and today all cattle processing facilities in the U.S., except for the Agriprocessors plant in Iowa, use upright slaughter pens. South American kosher abattoirs primarily use the rotating pen, shackle and hoist as well as shackle and drag methods of slaughter.[7]
  • Haladah (חלדה; digging or burying) – The knife must be drawn over the throat so that it is visible while shechita is being performed. It must not be stabbed into the neck or buried by fur, hide, or feathers in the case of a bird. Haladah occurs if the shochet accidentally cuts into the animal’s throat so deeply that the entire width of the knife disappears in the wound, uses a knife that is too short so that the end disappears in the wound, or if a foreign object falls over the knife so the shochet loses sight of the incision.
  • Hagramah (הגרמה; cutting in the wrong location) – The limits within which the knife may be applied are from the large ring in the windpipe to the top of the upper lobe of the lung when it is inflated, and corresponding to the length of the pharynx. Slaughtering above or below these limits renders the meat unkosher.
  • Iqqur (עיקור; tearing) – If either the esophagus or the trachea is torn during the shechita incision the carcass is rendered unkosher and cannot be eaten by Jews. Iqqur occurs if the shochet accidentally uses a chalaf with an imperfection on the blade, such as a scratch or nick, that causes a section of blade to be lower than the surface of the blade.

Breaching any of these five rules renders the animal nevelah; the animal is regarded in Jewish law as if it were carrion.

Temple Grandin has stated that she has “observed that if the rules (of the five forbidden techniques) are disobeyed the animal will struggle. If these rules are obeyed the animal has little reaction.”

(REFRENCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shechita )

Although people have good intentions with their religious beliefs or personal beliefs, their beliefs are not carried through, it is unjust. If a religious or any person walks into a shop to buy an auberimages-8gine and get a cucumber, reactions would be catastrophic… The same concept applies to halal or kosher meat or organic meat they are not getting what they are paying for. I completely understand that there is no nice way of killing, BUT beating the animal, and not letting it live in conditions which they are supposed to, then it is just fucking horrible.


Personally, I do believe that we should eat meat. We have canines. Teeth that are created to bite into meat. However if the animal that we eat is not produced in way that is humane and righteous, there is no point. We are supposed to hunt for our food. We are built in way that we can hunt; take for instance a human which running, they have to use all their muscles when hunting, exercise and food. What else do you want? The animals are bred and they are natural organic and free range. The chickens that we eat are injected with fat chemicals, this makes the chickens or pigs grow in such a quick pace for the demand. Little, yellow furry cute chick beaks are burnt so they do not eat anything nor cry for their mother for help. This drives back to the point that meat should be natural and organic, we should work for our food, and maybe we would appreciate the food we have instead of wasting it.

Did you know…?

According to the Guardian 34,000 tonnes of beef each year

UK households wasting 34,000 tonnes of beef each year. Research shows £260m worth of raw and cooked beef items go to waste annually – equivalent to 300m beef burgers!


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(REFRENCE: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/feb/25/uk-households-wasting-34000-tonnes-of-beef-each-year )

Hypothetically speaking, IF we hunted for our food obesity would drop and there wouldn’t be as much people on this planet, survival of the fittest. I’m not fit, I love doughnuts, cookies and pizza yet if I had to work for it I would, would you!?

I do believe that if we had to work for our food then there wouldn’t be as much health issues! Kids eating too much sugar or being picky with their food, as they would have to work for it. They would be grateful for what is on the table and not be so spoilt. I get it, we are busy but there is a possibility.

Let’s go back to the old days!


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