The mind of suicide.

What goes on in the head of an individual who experiences suicidal thoughts? Well it all comes down to the person.

There is no single trigger to suicide, if that was the case, hopefully our corrupted government would fix the issue!

Mental health is one of the major causes of suicide. Many people who suffer mental health problems go through an abhorrent, ashamed, and secretive experience(s). Theresa May proved this with her speech on injustices ( ). tm-speecchh

Many people who have mental health issues are not provided the right facilities. The independent found that many students who experience mental health disorders will have suicidal thoughts, however many universities such as York, or Essex provide facilities such as; the Samaritans, or a 24 hour and confidential calling services within the universities that allow students to call and speak about stress, anxiety or other problems that the student may be feeling. Despite providing support for students, this is clearly not enough, as student my feel embarrassed or simply my not be willing to talk to an untrained, and unprofessional person, that might be sitting next to them in the next lecture. There is evidence supporting my claim as student suicides at their highest level since 2007, according to Office for National Statistics (


Although there are prescribed drugs to help stabilize attitudes, I honestly think that this shouldn’t be the case. In my belief, I think that it is absurd to deal with something mental with something physical (medication). This labels people, by labelling people with mental disorders they turn abnormal to society, this consequently forms a stigma. People thus, bully, and treat them differently I contrast with the rest of society. If an individual is experiencing suicidal thoughts, they should receive confidential therapy as in my case for example. medication does more harm than good. The National Health Institute notes that only roughly 60 percent of people on antidepressants note a significant change in feeling. Antidepressants and anxiety medications are required by the FDA to carry a “black box warning,” the highest warning available to prescription medications, due to the increased risk of suicidal thoughts that some patients experience while taking the medication, particularly in the first few weeks of adjustment. How are we going to stop suicide when suicide is literally being given to people to consume in prescription form…?

Overall, it is fair to that there are services that provide support, despite them having some problems, they are available to everyone! for example look at this picture of the princes and the princess supporting heads together campaign to  if you or someone that you know is having problems as well as raising money for the charity.




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