Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people between 10-34.Reasons like this, is why suicide needs to be taken out of the closet and talked about!  It is something that nobody wants to talk about and should be the topic of most conversations. There is a stigma around suicide, people choose not to talk about suicide.


Suicide can be the effect of many factors such as income, stress, pressure, or a mental illness. It is something that one in four children, or young people will think about doing. I’m part of that statistic, I wanted to commit suicide due to pressure and stress, but due to my teachers at The Urswick School, I received the support I needed to overcome this horrible stage of my life.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I received the support I needed, however many teenagers such as Ben the son of Sarah did not, or the son Dr.Mahajan’s son who also committed suicide (stories on these cases:  BBC news 13.01.2017).

Talking about suicide is something that causes excruciating sorrow and pain BUT if we don’t It could potentially kill. Despite facilities such as the Samaritans or young people’s organization, families should become more aware of signs of suicide.


By rising awareness and becoming comfortable to talk about suicide will provide a platform for individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and  genders to come forward and tell anyone how they feel, instead of being ashamed or feeling like a burden, because I know how that feels.

Be the person that someone who has suicidal thoughts can come to. Be a friend to a stranger, it can save their life!




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