I have started  work recently, I’m broke. Many of us students who are either studying for exams, finishing those long essays,  working or like me doing all in one.

Whilst working for this HUGE restaurant as a kitchen assistant, I have come to realise what the fuck am I doing this for?!

Reaching this  stage of my life where I’m not with family on Christmas made me wonder… What they fuck am I doing with my life? This train of though made me crash into the whole question of Brexit. What is going to happen with this Brexit shit? It seems as though everyone kinda forgot about the whole thing due to the festive season. Well the truth is NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS, With millions of curious and frustrated  minds is this even ethical to leave people in such situations. At the end of the day this will effect everyone in the UK. OH… NOT the White, Middle Class, Men. OH NO!! According to the guardian most people who voted to leave the EU were this cohort.

( )

OK, fine, you may not believe me or your too lazy to go to the link, here is what the guardian wrote this:

There are already worrying signs of anxiety about Britain’s future trading arrangements that can be seen in the slumping value of sterling. EU negotiators are also threatening to extract a £50bn divorce settlement as the price of agreeing a post-membership deal which our ambassador has warned could take a decade.”

That is still just a snippet, it is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion, I seen people copy, but the way the UK copies America is on a whole different level! I mean come o, everything that America does is mirrored by Britain!


It is Christmas eve, I ate chicken wings, and potato similes from the amazing Iceland! I’m here on this festive day, talking about BREXIT ! GREAT!

The moral of this post is to be yourself, be unique an o not copy like the UK. DO NOT forget about these things, like Brexit , it is the media brainwashing you into Christmas.  where in the bible does it say anything about a tree and santa claus anyways.





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