Fake News.

Coming back from a crazy weekend, I was scrolling through the news and it brought a smile to my hangover-self whilst reading this ground-breaking story.

The story behind my happiness of this amazing story is that Germany has officially brought to the table that there is such a thing as FAKE NEWS! This story argues that the fake news needs to be prosecuted, there are too many cases where people especially Facebook is using fake news and is making millions. As this platform is social network, it SHOULD have a “social responsibility, prosecutable defamation must be deleted immediately, once reported. It needs to be made easier for users to report fake news”. Angela Merkel has consistently warned the US to respect laws against defamation however, I don’t think they did because Germany is still angry 😦

(The Guardian. 18.12.2016. German courts should tackle fake news now, says justice minister’. Available on: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/dec/18/german-courts-should-tackle-fake-news-now-says-minister )


Everyone knew that there is such a thing, especially after the whole scandal of Facebook using this concept of fake news to promote his election, unfuckinfortunatly.  People will believe the news because they are supposed to be trusted and not corrupted. Honestly, I totally agree with Germany! BUT I do not only believe that it is the social network who are guilty, it is the fuckin news too. Everyone is effected by the news, Katz, a sociologist argued that the media is a hypodermic syringe. The media inject us with beliefs, ideas and theories in other words, Ideologies and we must consume it, like it or not. It is everywhere and we are bound to be effected by it.


The media is constructed, built, created if you like by humans who have stuff to hide. the media is one instrument in society that we are effected by every day, we see something on Facebook and it makes us laugh or we read the news about poor Syria and it brings tears to our eyes, or anger in hearts. It impacts us, politicians use the media to hide. this is seen in some many cases! For example, exaggerating that the black male minorities should be feared in 2007 to cover up the credit crunch or prosecuting WikiLeaks or Anonymous from hacking when they do it themselves! The media is full of bullshit. I believe the hard-core facts, but not everything, for example when I see that adjectives, oh adjectives! Jesus Christ! DON’T BELIEVE IT! Unconsciously you take in these adjectives and these innocent yet deadly adjectives and this forms stereotypes, ideologies about things. Overall, most of the content in the media is fake.






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