Some good and bad news…

Firstly some bad news ….

130615-04.jpgAs I’m a pessimist  How much tax do you pay? Think about how much you paid already and how much you are paying now, it is ridiculous. If you are a student, like me, think about the tuition fees, the amount we are going to have to give back! Are you angry? YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE! YOU SHOULD BE! My point here being that although we pay for the community to be a better place, it is becoming worse. You don’t believe me? Look at the news and you will see yourself. Yesterday the London trains? Where millions of passengers got delayed trains up to 3 hours!! How many people got late? Did you get effected? Is that what we pay tax for? How is our money being spent? Still don’t see where I’m coming from, well look at the increase of miscarriages of justice due to racism! (FIND CASE TO SUPPORT!) There are kids hacking into the TalkTalk database! You are being watched right now! Here are some points to prove to you that you are being watched:

cover2.png• The Snowden files exposed that America and the UK have ‘DIRECT ACCESS TO THE TECH GIANTS’ (Hardening, 2014, p:11)  What this means is that our data that we provide Google, Facebook, or even WordPress  with; may be spied on by the government which may be viewed when ever they desire! How? well, the Snooping act which will be passed by the end of 2016 ill provide companies the privilege to view our data without a warrant!

• Carly Nyst, head of international advocacy at Privacy International has outlined how the governments across the globe are increasing their spying techniques:”There is spy technology that we see on James Bond movies that we know have been bought by Germany, the Netherlands, and elsewhere, and we know that it’s being used,” (The Atlantic, 2013). So, that stuff is real then 😛

• In 2010 when WikiLeaks revealed a video footage of soldiers killing innocent citizens; the 85government prosecuted WikiLeaks (The Guardian, 2010). they (the government) can watch us but we cant watch them, hmmm…

• The location of devices could be tracked through GPS and RFID chips within passports or as some companies as Epicenter in Sweden are injecting RFID chips as a ID device (BBC News, 2015).

Imagine being watched by Kayne West…

kkHe is actually thinking of running for president in 2020! Taking a picture with Trump, is not really a good idea for his popularity, I think so: do you? His falling apart and we are denying it, if anybody has been following Kayne, or is interested in media news he is literally breaking down on stage yet he calls himself ‘Yesus’. I know so many people that wish to have a quarter of what he has. Maybe its myself fault for idolising.


A positive thought ….


The Guardian have raised 350,000 for child refugees! People have contributed by donating which helps the children get shelter, a meal, and some safety.  Honesty I think that is fucking amazing. I will be definitely taking part as I think that these children NEED our support!. People who support children, either sick or to help provide aid, I praise you! People like that make a change, I try. Trying your best is one of the most important things anybody can do. If you try, especially your hardest, I KNOW you will not regret that you do. It is scientifically proven that once a person helps another it releases OxyContin which is a hormone that makes you happy!






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