Mothers who are sex workers… WTF ?!

First of all, I just want to emphasize that I kind of understand that times get hard, money gets low, and you feel like your whole world is crumbling a part. Mothers have it hard, especially single mothers, but in this country where woman have rights, claim benefits, and can get a job in an app, ON A FUCKING APP!!! I tried this app and it actually works, (job today and monster). I don’t understand how they could be selling themselves. Woman have so much opportunities to get a job, either its cleaning or being a secretary it’s a job. Children do not need luxuries like iPhones I never had a phone till I was 14 and I came out great. These mothers are giving children what they want instead of what they need, maybe that is why they have to sell themselves. On the BBC News where I found this article, it speaks about making these sex workers safe… WHAT???? They shouldn’t be on the streets anyways, they are mothers. They kiss their children with that mouth. If I offend anyone, I apologize. These are my opinions and I have the right to express them.


I don’t have children, so I don’t understand the feeling, but after so many awkward sex talks with my mother, who had me at 16, uneducated, with not a penny in her pocket, or a place to lay her head, and she had me a fat kid, and my daddy. I ask her why didn’t she use a condom or contraception, well she said she didn’t know how to use it, neither did my dad, and mostly that she was dumb. My point being that I understand very well from these awkward sex talks that females should use contraception. In this country where it is provided for free, sex education is given in secondary school, and there is sex clinics like everywhere, how are these females having children without thinking about it? Being safe? In the article the mother, who sells herself, the mother says that she is not safe. She then, compares her work to a firefighter, and argues that wage is accessed by risk. She almost asks for rights, and says she will pay tax, so she is safe. That is just fucking ridiculous, oh you may ask why… Well, the rates that they give are not fixed, they vary form £20 to god knows how much. There is no institution to manage them, make sure they are not drugs, or hiding money, or monitoring their work. Personally I think its just a ridiculous idea.


If a female is raped, and it goes against her beliefs to abort, she could put it in adoption. There are plenty of couples or single people who are incapable of having children so they would treat these babies like angels! In fact, when my nanny had my uncle, she put him inn adoption, as she was unable of giving him what he deserved, it was open adoption plan, thus, he kept in contact and my nanny got to see him grow up and he knew where his roots lay despite him flourishing somewhere else. People got options. No need to sell yourself.

Compared to less economically developed countries like Iraq who do not provide such opportunities and options for females, therefore, they are forced into sex work, our country provides too much opportunities and options for single mothers.



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