There is a very interesting shocking and a little worrying article on the guardian posted today, the 4.12.2016 about a robot who delivers food. The robot is fitter with GPS and a camera to see where it is and take pictures to remember the streets. There’s also a microphone to allow the robot to speak to you, if in fault it will ask for help.


My views.

At first I thought that fucking fantastic! Robots doing the job, keeping the food warm and being quite quick bringing it. No more of the delivery guy calling up and telling you that his lost, no more of giving tips, or cold food. My kinda of perfection for delivery!

Then, I thought again, let’s face it, we all like a bit of technology but once it starts taking over society it becomes too extreme! Jobs will be lost, although the the guardian says that there are not enough of delivery drivers, almost half of the men in my family are part of the delivery business. It will cause unemployment! Not everyone is going to like a robot bringing the food. Are old people going to like it? We are in an ageing society you know. th82PV7X0E.jpg

The companies are probably enjoying this very much, or are they? How expensive is this thing? Is this robot cheaper or more expensive than a person? What if it breaks down in the middle of the road? People must do something, either break it or fix it. It will be costly too, a company would have to be started to help this robot. I’m sure not everyone would know how to fix it, and no one would do it for free as well! Building a customer service and enquirers team for this robot, but then again it will provide jobs. For the smart people, anyway… Delivery drivers are usually foreign and come from a working-class background, replacing them with this robot will lead to these working class ethnic minorities to lose their job, and a middle class IT guy to get one. Am I the only one who does not like this idea?

I wouldn’t pay the robot! I’m broke. Paying a robot, just seems weird, not normal. It’s too futuristic. What’s next a robot cooking? Oops, sorry there’s already such a thing. Robot cleaning? Already exists. We are becoming a society dependent on technology. How many of you depend on your phone, iPad, laptop or any other piece of technology to wake you up! Exactly my point! We are becoming too technologically determined. Our lives are becoming based on scraps of metal !extra_large-1464362629-1552-robot-chef-that-can-cook-2-000-meals-set-to-go-on-sale-in-2017irobot-roomba-966-learn





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