what the fuck?!

 What the FUCK is going on in this world?

thinkOpening the newspaper, or the app (I personally like having a hardcopy) always produces a mixture of emotions; from sadness, shock or in this case just plain anger and confusion. The world is just getting worse and worse. From all the murders, rapes, and wars I think the most devastating news within this century, that will be talked about in history books, and set as essay titles Brexit Despite the government squeezing every dime we have, they have stolen our hope. There is no utopia to look forward to anymore. Prior to these horrible acts, personally I think that society had some sort of hope. Me and my family for instance, would discuss the best outcomes for the next 5 years. Just yesterday, we sat down and though the hell is going on?

What’s happening?


Today’s news on Brexit that there is a lot of confusion to what is really going to happen with this whole Brexit thing this illuminates my understanding of what is REALLY going on. The Guardian released a very interesting article today on people and even MP’s not being clear on the strategies that Brexit will take. How we are going to cope without the EU. I think this quote just sums it perfectly:

Sandro Gozi: ‘“We really don’t understand what the real strategy is. It is very unclear what kind of Brexit they want. It seems there are disagreements and divisions in the cabinet. There are many uncertainties.” (The Guardian, 2016)



Britain does not want to deal with all the other responsibilities of making the new rights or preparing the people for unemployment. What they do want is to form a society where they get everything and we get nothing, that is the way I see it. Without the European union, or immigrants Britain wouldn’t be worth a penny. We built this country yet we are letting them scatter it to tiny parts.  We must stop the glass reaching the floor or our home will get destroyed, because we let it happen.   We see mayor Sadiq Khan doing this as he reveals that Britain still may be recruiting people from the EU because London needs them! In the BBC News, it was argued that London will carry on recruiting people from the EU as the city needs it to keep its capital. This is reflected in the statistics too according to the BBC News:

616,000 people born elsewhere in Europe currently work in London, equivalent to 12.5% of the capital’s workforce. (BBC News 2016)


My view


The big cats as my A-Level teacher called the bourgeoisie want everything we owe, which is from the hard work we do, and that they pay us, yet they want to steal that from us in a legal way. They want us to dig our own grave and get into it. What I’m trying to say is that the government, the big cats, or the assholes whatever you want to call them, are making us agree with them or we have no other choice, or the choice we have will leave us dead on the streets. My honest views on this is that Britain just wants to use what we built to their advantage. Is America but in a legal way, the methods used by Britain do not involve killing, cursing or using social media, its worse, they lie. Britain is 1000000% worse than America when it comes to politics. Think about it. America is kind of opened about their wrong doings. I just found out recently, maybe I’m not as well rounded with information, but I did not know about GHCQ! For those of you, like me, GHCQ is a British version of the FBI and the CIA put together. CRAZY, RIGHT? I KNOW! Britain is the most surveilled country in the world, with CCTV on every street and cameras everywhere even in toilets! When we look at America we see violence, and corruption well, Britain will become twice of America is already with all the violence and corruption. Brexit is the first step…



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