Same Harm, Different Consequences.

Before I start on these two very similarly opposite stories I have to say that I feel empathy for any victim of sexual violence. I do hope anyone reading this and could relate would contact the police, a relative, a teacher, just anyone so they could get some help!

This story was published several hours ago on Friday 25 November 2016. Many football players have come to admit child sex abuse, some football player as Chris Unsworth expressed on BBC News other football players have felt relief on exposing their feelings, which may help other people as Steve Walters told BBC  News. According to ITV News the investigation is taking  place, Barry Benwell being the main suspect as the victims accuse him for the abuse they experienced.

BBC News Victoria spreaking (from L-R) Jason Dunford, Steve Walters, Chris Unsworth and Andy Woodward

Rooney has encouraged many young football players to not suffer in silence, to speak out and come into the spotlight. He has encouraged many young boys to come out and speak about their abuses. Although this will help many young boys in the UK, it has to be thought about  the children EVERYWHERE?! This message should be broadcasted all around the world to help children all around the world who are being abused; sexually or physically.

Rooney encouraging young boys to stop ‘suffering in silince’ ( ITV NEWS)

If half of the support  was given to Children all around the world by Rooney they wouldn’t have to suffer in silence. These children could receive acknowledgment and some support on how to cope with the trauma of being abused.

Barry Benwell (picture from ITV NEWS)

This is a picture of the man who has been accused of abusing these  young boys. He has been charged with rape in 1994 according to ITV News. Many innocent young boys have to admit the abuse he caused.



A message form rape crisis which tries to support rape survivors to speak out to tackle the increasing problem

We have democracy, we are a free country. We, the United Kingdom. There are laws in place to protects us, we have human rights, we have rights to protect our health and safety. If one us gets raped we can cause a big protest, we can come together. This football scandal has proven that we could come into light about sexual abuse. Not everyone gets that chance.

According to he BBC News within Africa  on the 25 November 2016 there was a demonstration of dirty knickers to rise awareness of the rape crisis increasing in South Africa. The news has a very important job, to inform us, tell us the major news, the news that needs attention. As these African countries where rape is constant problem, that people have to put up there dirty underwear just to get some attention!! That’s just ridiculous, the news should be covering this. People could get inspired as a result help out.





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